Two Bible Reading Plans

Both of these plans take you through the entire Bible in 12 months. They are designed for you to tri-fold, making it easy to carry with you.

The first plan—TTW, adapted from a plan gotten from—simply takes you through the entire Bible once over the course of the year. This plan requires roughly 2-3 chapters of reading per day.


The second plan—Monthly Psalms & Proverbs—has you reading through the Psalms and Proverbs each month, the New Testament three times, and the Old Testament once. It was designed to require only about 10 chapters of Bible Reading per day. The Psalms reading plan is a traditional plan that goes back hundreds of years and is designed to correspond with daily prayer times in the morning and evening. The Proverbs reading plan was suggested to me originally by a theologian named Greg Bahnsen. The book of Proberbs, he suggested, has 31 chapters, making it easy to read each month with minimal adjustment, and is the book of general wisdom, making it appropriate for daily consideration. The Old Testament and New Testament reading plans require just 2 chapters each per day.