Echo Chamber or Deliberate Plot?

From the beginning, I have said that I don’t know if I can vote for Trump in good conscience but that I think he might be a good president for America as it exists today. Though I don't have any published material about this point, you could ask my friends I spoke to in the days leading up to Election Day and they could confirm that I predicted a Trump win. I don’t say this to congratulate myself; I say it to make this point: sufficient evidence existed to support the conclusion that Trump could win—might actually win—and the evidence was ignored. It’s possible some of the mainstream current events opinion outlets (that’s MSCEOO) didn’t even see the evidence, because they were so focused on the reality they wanted to exist that the reality that actually existed passed right by them.

In the days immediately following the election, I described the state of the MSCEOO as an echo chamber, which would provide one explanation of how they missed the possibility of Trump’s win. I still hold to that analogy, but now I think the actual explanation is more nuanced, and I think my initial echo chamber theory gives the MSCEOO too much credit. I now believe that some of them did see the evidence of Trump’s win and intentionally set it aside because they wanted it to be believed  to be true. They wanted to convey the message that Trump was going to lose so that potential Trump voters—who were still uncertain and might be swayed by the possibility of choosing the winning Clinton team—might actually be swayed to vote for the team they perceived to be winners. If this is what happened, it was a bad plan and obviously backfired, but I still wonder how much of the MSCEOO failure to present the evidence favoring a Trump victory was deliberate and how much of it was echo chamber stupidity. 


© 2016 Courtney A Huntington  


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