In the categories of “great question for @GOP” and “I love that a publication (@TheAtlantic) still uses title case” . . .

A nagging question has followed Republicans around this week as they promoted their emerging plans to join President Trump in cutting taxes, replacing the Affordable Care Act, and constructing a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“How are they going to pay for it all?

This is a must-answer question for any politician, and it’s absurd that our politicians in the position of primary power (at present, the Republicans) are always such failures at properly funding government expenditures. When Obama had his Democratic congress, the roles were reversed and the Republicans were deficit hawks; now Trump has a Republican congress and the Democrats are deficit hawks. I wonder: Did The Atlantic ask this same question when the Democrats were in power? Paul Krugman (Democrat to the extreme) argued against deficit hawks the whole time Obama was in office but has become a deficit hawk now that Trump is in office. Regardless of the inconsistency, illogic, and hypocrisy of Krugman and similar Democrats, the Republicans still owe an answer to this question—and the answer better be yes.


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