In the category of “here’s a nice review (from @zacharye of @BGR) of home wi-fi mesh networks” . . .

Mesh is the hottest trend in home Wi-Fi, so we tested every top system to find the best

Plume is a mesh Wi-Fi system by definition, but that’s where similarities with other systems we tested end. In fact, it’s unlike every other system out there in so many ways that it’s difficult to know exactly where to begin. How about we start here: The Plume system doesn’t even use a router.

This multi-unit system can have two components or 10 components depending on your needs, but each component is exactly the same. Plume calls them pods, and they plug into standard wall outlets anywhere in a home. The idea is that the user plugs in one pod in each room of the house, and then Plume’s cloud-based system does the rest of the work.

It’s seriously that easy . . .


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