In the category of “important stuff, but @Voxdotcom inserts so much conjecture that the entire thing is suspect” . . .

Why it’s a bad idea for Trump aides to use their phone flashlights to read documents

“It’s my understanding that no classified information was discussed,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said at a Tuesday press conference. “Talking about foreign policy at the dinner table is perfectly appropriate.”

Still, critics say the incident reflects a broader problem with Trump’s careless handling of sensitive information. Media reports suggest that Trump still uses a personal Android smartphone that’s likely running out-of-date software, creating the possibility that a foreign intelligence agency could hack the phone and use its microphone to listen in on private conversations.

But here, too, key details are missing. We don’t know how often Trump uses his personal cellphone, or whether he takes it into rooms where sensitive information is discussed. . . .

Vox admits that they basically know nothing about this that is a problem, but they report it as if it’s huge news and a huge problem. Here are a some other questions I bet we don’t know answers to:

  1. Has Hillary Clinton had an affair recently? “There are no reports to suggest anything, but boy we’d love to have the clickbait so we’re going to ask the question anyway.”
  2. How many times has Obama picked his nose? “We bet it’s a lot,” Vox might have said (and they might have, but I really don’t know, but it sounds like something I’d like to be able to report them as having said, so I’m going to present the possibility that they said it so that I can write a bunch of words that look like I spent a lot of time in research and writing so that someone might read it and think I’m really smart and that—boy!—I have my s#!t together and I must know what I’m talking about and they should probably share it on Facebook and Twitter so that I get more people clicking on the link so that I can get my advertising in front of them so I can make more money so that I can keep writing meaningless articles that may or may not be true and may or may not have any relevance to reality and may or may not be fake news but because I’m not actually saying that anything happened I’m not actually telling any lies so it isn’t really fake, it’s only pretend, but it’s not even really pretend because it could be real and all I’m doing is asking if it might be true, so there!).
  3. Did Kevin Plank (Under Armor CEO) say that he loves Hitler? “He said something that supported a guy who has relatively light skin even though it’s quite orange and darkish but it’s clearly still lighter than dark and therefore he could be an agent of the actual Adolf Hitler and so Kevin Plank must be a neo-Nazi and it is almost certainly maybe true because we put it in our article even though we aren’t really saying anything but just asking a question that we are going to treat as if it’s a rhetorical question when really it’s just a stupid question that we’d like to use to insinuate something evil about someone just because we want to.” (Again, I think this is almost an exact non-quote of what Vox actually said or didn’t but could have but really didn’t but might as well have.)