In the category of “nicely reasoned piece in @WSJ by @DanHenninger about sharks circling @realDonaldTrump” . . .

Daniel Henninger: Is This Trump’s Watergate? (Requires a subscription to read at; also available on Apple News here)

If we have learned anything about the Trump presidency, it is that Mr. Trump and his chief political strategist, Steve Bannon, despise the Washington swamp, which includes the city’s lobbyists, all of its bureaucrats, every member of the media, the entire congressional delegation and their staffs.

At the moment, that would cover most of the forces arrayed against them, and a good question is whether they’ll drain the swamp before the swamp swallows them.


Whether the Pence wedge between him and the inner circle (as of this week) is true hardly matters. Life in the capital wouldn’t be much fun without believing such things. Washington’s most powerful force is . . . the whisper.

Well worth the read.