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Beyoncé is Making Motherhood Great Again

Fans on social media rejoiced in celebration and praise to both the announcement and Grammy performance despite very pro-life undertones. The hypocrisy from “pro-choice feminists” who continue to fangirl over the pregnancy is stark. They echo Beyoncé’s statement, “I Have Three Hearts,” while advocating for legal abortions, many times up until the moment of birth.

Even Slate identified Beyoncé’s twins as “babies,” rather than “clumps of cells.” It doesn’t feel right calling Beyoncé’s twins “parasites.” But, the thing is… it shouldn’t feel right calling anyone’s children “parasites.”

Well said—so very well said. Laura Meyers continues with a recommended course of action:

Of course it’s tempting to stomp your foot, wag your finger and say, “I told you so!” in an angsty booze-inspired Facebook status. But this will not make your niece stop calling everyone a Nazi, and it will not change her stance on abortion. You’re her “literally Hitler” uncle. You’re not Beyoncé. It’s just time to accept that and change strategy.

Read the whole article. It’s well worth your time.