In the category of “so do we have a problem with company reps taking a political stand—or not?” . . .

Apple speaks out against Trump’s recent decision on transgender rights for students

Apple this evening has voiced opposition towards President Trump’s recent ruling to roll back protections for transgender kids in schools. This isn’t the first time Apple has spoken out against a decision from Trump, having previously distanced itself from the administration’s travel ban.

When the CEO of Under Armour said something relatively innocuous and very general in favor of Trump, the backlash from celebrities and the media was rather strong. I’ve posted about it a few times already:

I still plan a follow-up, because I believe there is deeper analysis and further clarification needed, regarding Steph Curry, particularly.

Here is the article by Ben Lovejoy that appeared on 9to5Mac at around that time: Tim Cook: Hundreds of Apple employees affected by immigration ban, company considering legal action. I give you that simply for your perusal. I won’t be offering any analysis beyond this statement: the tone of the article is not negative. I think it is a fairly even-handed article, actually, though its tone shows its slight bias.

Here is the article on Axios that the 9to5Mac article on Apple’s transgender statement references as its source: Apple takes stand against Trump on transgender rights.

The obvious question is merely one of consistent application of principles, which unfortunately, most in the politically correct camp do not seem to have beyond their underlying religious principle: if it is politically correct, we hold these things to be self-evident.