In the category of “here’s a pile of #FakeNews clickbait crap if I’ve ever seen one” . . .

Following Trump’s cancellation of his appearance at the correspondents' dinner, it’s not certain if the press corps will survive much longer

This is the subtitle (which is also a portion of the article):

At the current rate of progress, every media outlet other than Fox, Breitbart, a couple of other white supremacist outlets and a few doolally Christian networks will find itself banned from the building by Wednesday afternoon

Perhaps it’s simply poorly written, but the wording of the subtitle makes it sound like the author is listing Fox and Breitbart as white supremacist outlets. Then the author isn’t satisfied to simply refer to “Christian networks,” but refers to them as “doolally.” In case you need a refresher in the meaning of “doolally,” here’s the definition (which you can find for yourself here or here): “(slang) out of one’s mind; crazy.”

It doesn’t get better:

So it is that Trump ratchets up this hyper-Nixonian war against the media with no visible concern that it may develop not necessarily to his advantage. In the space of a few days, he has called traditional media enemies of the people; had press patsy Sean Spicer ban CNN, The New York Times, the BBC and other mainstream news organisations from a White House briefing; and pulled out of a dinner engagement regarded for almost a century as obligatory for the president.