In the category of “man, I wish @Evernote had gotten this one” . . .

The article begins,

Evernote couldn’t make this acquisition happen, but Mozilla did.

Just recently, I have been thinking about how I’ve wanted for a long time for Evernote to synchronize even more deeply with Pocket. I’ve used them both for several years, and I love them both, but I haven’t yet figured out how to merge the two in my workflow. This is probably a lack of discipline and/or creativity on my part. Evernote is part of my daily workflow. In fact, it’s probably more accurately described as part of my hourly workflow. I clip many articles from the internet every day, and I save every scrap of paper and every note in Evernote. I would love to get these two apps to work more closely together, and I recently thought that it would be great if Evernote simply acquired Pocket. I was not aware (or at least do not recall being aware) of the attempt by Evernote six years ago to acquire Pocket. Now, sadly, Mozilla has them, and it looks like my hopes for an Evernote-Pocket merger are gone:

The Internet browser company said Monday that it bought the startup Read It Later, makers of the popular app Pocket, which people use to save web content for later readings and viewings. . . .

As a result of acquisition—which Mozilla said is its first—the team behind Pocket will operate as an independent Mozilla subsidiary. The core product will become part of Mozilla’s open-source portfolio of software that coders can alter and contribute to for free.

I hope Pocket remains independent, even if it integrates with Mozilla’s browsers and other tools. Unfortunately, I abandoned Mozilla around the year 2010, so any integrations it creates with Pocket will not help me. It does have the potential, however, to be useful to many users.


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