In the category of “the witch hunt continues” . . .

In a recent column, *The Root’s* senior editor Stephen A. Crockett Jr. called the Patriots ‘racist-adjacent’ because Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft are friends with Donald Trump. He defended his words in an appearance with Kirk & Callahan Wednesday.

Though Crockett said the article was satirical, he still believes Brady should be criticized for his ties to the President.

‘I don’t know if you need to back off, but I feel like there needs to be something said here,’ he explained. ‘If Brady and Trump are friends and then had a private friendship prior to this—as he continues to escalate, as he runs for president and the White House, as he has proven himself in the first three weeks to be absolutely ridiculous. At some point, you as a public figure have to make a stand or you are agreeing with all of the policies that go along with it. I don’t see how that doesn’t work.’

No comment needed, right? Follow this link to see the Crockett article. Crockett claimed that his article was satire. That defies the definition of satire. It may have had some humor; but humor and satire are not mutually inclusive. Sorry, dude.