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I’m an Eisenhower and a Colombian: Voices

Camila Mendoza says,

Like many others, I did not sleep the night Trump was elected. The anguish that consumed me and my fellow New Yorkers, this heart-wrenching feeling of disbelief and terror, is something that will stay with me forever.

Many others felt the same way. You know that; I don’t need to offer references. She continues,

It is a given, and an understatement, to say that I and many others strongly disagree with everything Trump has done in his first few weeks.

“Everything”? Is that hyperbole or exaggeration? She continues,

While many seem to think that good manners still apply in this situation, I do not. At this point I do not care if I seem unprofessional or too blunt. It is not about opinions anymore. It is about facts (note: not alternative facts). And the fact is that Donald Trump is a horrible human being.

This is the kind of logical goop that actually hands the win to Donald Trump. Camila Mendoza says good manners don’t apply anymore. Isn’t that exactly what the Trump followers were saying throughout the campaign? Didn’t they say that the other politicians and media personalities no longer deserved to be treated with so-called good manners because they had lost that high ground long ago? Isn’t that exactly what many in the mainstream media—and many other Trump opponents—argued against? And now you’re handing that over to him?

The reality is that politicians in general (both Democrats and Republicans) have behaved like bullies for years, decades, and the American people who support Trump are tired of that, so they don’t mind Trump pushing back against the bullies. And the kind of emotional drivel we read from Camila Mendoza is exactly what makes Trump supporters role their eyes.

For the record, I didn’t vote for Trump, but I wholeheartedly support his treating the political and mainstream media bullies like the bullies they are. Manners matter, and I think Trump’s lack of manners matters, but hypocrisy and megalomania are far more significant errors than Trump’s lack of manners.