Everyday Writing with WriteGoods and RealManners

This week at Wit.Glass, we are beginning a series that we call Everyday Writing. Throughout the series we will be talking about the importance of sound research, critical analysis, and quality composition in everyday writing, including the all-important writing that we do for our own personal development, but also including personal and business communications.

We will be partnering with our friends at WriteGoods.com and RealManners.Work. WriteGoods is dedicated to advancing the cause of quality writing by providing quality writing tools. RealManners is committed to encouraging good manners for real people in real situations in real life.

WriteGoods is searching the world for the finest writing tools—like the Rotring line of pens and pencils and the PaperRepublic line of journals and journal covers—but WriteGoods is also working on developing its own line of unique writing tools to complement those manufactured by others.

RealManners is putting together its first book, titled Real Manners for Real Men, full of practical encouragement and advice for men who want to be polite without sacrificing their masculinity. In addition, Real Manners is also putting together a manual—titled Real Manners for Little Men—which will accompany a series of camps and school seminars designed to teach boys and young men how to behave with courage, with strength, and with honor—while also teaching kindness, love, and compassion.

Both of these companies want to see you improve both your quality of life and your effectiveness in promoting positive cultural change in your communities. These missions align well with the mission of Wit.Glass. Sign up for the Wit.Glass newsletter today to stay up-to-date on the latest posts and products.