Everyday Writing with WriteGoods and RealManners

We are beginning a series that we call *Everyday Writing.* Throughout the series we will be talking about the importance of sound research, critical analysis, and quality composition in everyday writing, including the all-important writing that we do for our own personal development, but also including personal and business communications.

We will be partnering with our friends at WriteGoods.com and RealManners.Work.

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WitGlass Original Poetry: “Every Day on Earth—Draft One”

It’s been fifteen months since I posted my last original poetry. It hasn’t been fifteen months since I wrote my last poem, but a lot has happened in the last fifteen months and WitGlass posts and podcasts took a backseat. This poem was one of the poems I wrote in response to our family dog’s recent death.

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In the category of “I love it when the same people shower praise on immigrants and then turn around and assume they’re stupid” . . .

The hysteria surrounding vaccines and scheduled vaccinations is well-documented. The term “fever-pitch” comes to mind after reading this article.

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In the category of “a skool employey getting fired for cleverlee korrecting a student’s spelling is ahbserd” . . .


Tired of losing arguments about politics and culture because you’re arguing with people who are scatter-brained and illogical but you don’t have enough specific facts in your arsenal to be able to silence their silliness? Well, look no further than Liberty Classroom. It’s a great way to learn the most important facts to help make a difference for the cause of liberty in your community.

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