Everyday Writing with WriteGoods and RealManners

We are beginning a series that we call *Everyday Writing.* Throughout the series we will be talking about the importance of sound research, critical analysis, and quality composition in everyday writing, including the all-important writing that we do for our own personal development, but also including personal and business communications.

We will be partnering with our friends at WriteGoods.com and RealManners.Work.

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WitGlass Original Poetry: “Every Day on Earth—Draft One”

It’s been fifteen months since I posted my last original poetry. It hasn’t been fifteen months since I wrote my last poem, but a lot has happened in the last fifteen months and WitGlass posts and podcasts took a backseat. This poem was one of the poems I wrote in response to our family dog’s recent death.

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Thoughts on the Advancement of Civilization

All advancement of civilization, society, and culture depends on the consolidation of knowledge (cognition, apprehension, tuition), insight (*re*-cognition, understanding, comprehension, intuition), and skill (wisdom, application).


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In the category of “I love it when the same people shower praise on immigrants and then turn around and assume they’re stupid” . . .

The hysteria surrounding vaccines and scheduled vaccinations is well-documented. The term “fever-pitch” comes to mind after reading this article.

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In the category of “@HuffPost is at it again” and “no, Mike Pence didn’t cause an outbreak of HIV” . . .

Even the Huffington Post feels their evidence is so weak that the best exaggeration they can muster is “one of several factors that may have influenced.” Nice work there, champ. Boy, you really pulled out all the stops getting to the bottom of this one, didn’t you? I bet the next stop for you is the trash hea—I mean, Pulitzer, yeah, Pulitzer.

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In the category of “outstanding article by @meyers_laura about @Beyonce, babies, and life” . . .

Of course it’s tempting to stomp your foot, wag your finger and say, “I told you so!” in an angsty booze-inspired Facebook status. But this will not make your niece stop calling everyone a Nazi, and it will not change her stance on abortion. You’re her “literally Hitler” uncle. You’re not Beyoncé. It’s just time to accept that and change strategy.

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In the category of “seriously, people, @ThomasEWoods is on a roll, and you should be listening” . . .

In the category of “having fun on @Twitter” . . .

The account has been hailed as a leader of the resistance, and the denizens of the internet have understandably wanted to know: Who is the genius behind Merriam-Webster’s Twitter — and will they be getting a raise? . . .

Naturale, who writes the tweets herself with some creative input from other writers at Merriam-Webster, assured me that the 186-year-old dictionary is a “politically neutral” brand — but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

I like this kind of fun-poking. There’s no question that Trump does and says some head-scratching things, but not everything he does is the most evil think you’ve ever seen, as some seem to think. And even if he is a total ignoramus—and evil, to boot—none of us buys a dictionary because of its searing political commentary.

In the category of “a skool employey getting fired for cleverlee korrecting a student’s spelling is ahbserd” . . .


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