WitGlass Original Poetry: “Shards of Memory”

This is my second original poem posted here on Wit.Glass. This one originated nearly two-and-a-half years ago as a poem, but the story it tells is more than twenty years old. It is a true story—as well as I am able to re-member the fragments that remain in my memory. I have also live-recorded a spoken word performance of the poem.

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The Mega ShowNotes for WitGlass Unfiltered Episode 25

The show notes I assembled for Episode 25 of WitGlass Unfiltered are so detailed that I thought I’d offer them as their own WitGlass Drafts post, as well.

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WitGlass Original Poetry: “Long Ago”

I’ve been promising poetry, and here is your first original poem introduced exclusively on WitGlass. This poem is the longest poem I’ve written to date, and because of its length, it seemed the perfect way to introduce poetry here on WitGlass, not just in written form but in spoken form, as well. So I live-recorded a spoken word performance of the poem, as well, and broadcast it is part of an episode of my podcast *WitGlass Unfiltered.*


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*WitGlass Unfiltered* Show Notes are Now Fixed

I don’t know exactly what caused the problem to start with, but the complete show notes for *WitGlass Unfiltered* Episode 16 and Episode 17 were not there in the iTunes Podcast list. 

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