WitGlass Unfiltered - Episode 16


Episode 16: Net Neutrality, Honest Reporting, and Shifting Definitions

One of the techniques that the mainstream media and politicians in general use to confuse their audience (whether that audience agrees or disagrees) is by changing the definitions of words and phrases. Net neutrality is one such phrase. What it means is not what they mean. I examine this and point out a few flawed headlines and articles along the way.

Topics Discussed

Side Note

This episode tested the concept of WitGlass Unfiltered, because I had to patch together some audio from different devices. I had an interesting computer glitch in the recording of this episode, and I ended up using a secondary recording designed only for workflow and show notes tagging. The secondary recording device was an iPhone and microphone in use was the built-in microphone. For my typical recording, I use a podcaster recommended, higher-quality microphone, and I’m curious to know if you can tell which is which.

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