WitGlass Unfiltered - Episode 24


Episode 24: Memorial Day Musings and the Problem with Systems

Memorial Day is usually celebrated as a holiday of joy and relaxation, but it is—at least in its origins—more importantly a day of remembrance of the ones we’ve lost. These are not necessarily contradictory ideas, however. I address the nature of Memorial Day, along with the problem of treating systems as if they are agnostic—or worse, as if they bear causational responsibility for our own errors.

Topics Discussed

  • Memorial Day
    • Happy Memorial Day
    • Mourning the Lost
    • Celebrating the lost
  • The Problem with Systems
    • In the modern world—at least in the Western World, and particularly in the United States—we tend to act as if the system can overcome the individuals within it.
    • We assume the system is agnostic
    • NPR Program with one of the founders of Black Lives Matter
    • The reason I don’t want to focus on Politics
      • Politics is almost always reactionary

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