WitGlass Unfiltered - Episode 33


#33: One Big Beautiful Conversation with Lex Land

If you’ve been listening to the show the past few weeks, you know how excited I’ve been about getting to visit with one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Lex Land. In this episode, she fulfilled the dream. She was as gracious as you can imagine, through the whole process, and she kindly talked with me for a full hour. As with all WitGlass Unfiltered episodes, there was no do-over, no second take, no editing. So what you get is an unfiltered conversation with Lex Land. Enjoy!

How to Connect with Lex

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  • For all the One Big Dark Room releases, start at onebigdarkroom.com. From there, you can receive the first EP release and sign up for the newsletter to receive more goodies, along with some personal notes from Lex.

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