WitGlass Unfiltered - Episode 35


#35: Further Thoughts on iPad Pro 10.5 and iOS 11

In this episode, I jump back into technology, which I hadn’t touched much since my initial responses to WWDC. When I started, I thought I was going to talk about a lot more than just the new iPad Pro 10.5, but there really was plenty to talk about just regarding the new iPad, especially because any discussion of any iPad moving forward (for the next year, at least) must include iOS 11, which looks like it will at long last bring the iPad to maturity.

Topics Discussed

  • 0:00 - Jura Impressa C60
    • One of its weaknesses
    • The quality of its micro-foam brother
  • 5:00 - Wit.Glass Homepage Changes and Additions
  • 6:00 - Wit.Glass Suggestion Box Coming Soon
  • 9:00 - iPad Pro 10.5
    • 11:00 - Other touch-screen tablets
    • 12:00 - Some people love their Microsoft Surface
    • 16:00 - iOS 11
    • 18:00 - iPad Pro original release date
    • 20:00 - I talk bad about Apple
    • 22:00 - I argue that Apple will eventually do away with laptops
    • 23:00 - I argue again how I think Apple could replace Intel chipsets with their own chipsets
    • 25:00 - Potential for touchpad on the iPad keyboard cover
    • 27:00 - iOS Sandboxing
    • 27:30 - iOS Scripting

Apps and Services

The apps and services listed here are the ones that I actually use in developing and maintaining the website and podcast. If you see it listed here, I love it. I don’t keep using any app or service I don’t love. Every app and every service has limitations—some more annoying or frustrating than others. But if it’s on this list, you can be sure that on the whole, I love it.