WitGlass Unfiltered - Episode 29


#29: WitGlass Smorgasbord for 6 June 2017

This is a quick and dirty episode with little preparation. I didn’t want to wait to discuss some initial follow-up to Apple’s WWDC Keynote yesterday (Monday). In this episode I discuss new features in the works for subscribers only, Apple’s New HomePod, Siri improvements, the needed shift to personal clouds, and DEVONthink Dropbox database syncing.

Topics Discussed

  • Jura Impressa C60
  • Upcoming special features only for subscribers
  • My failure to respond quickly to Lex Land (including an apology to Lex and a plea for forgiveness)
  • Apple’s new HomePod
  • Siri Improvements
  • SiriCloud™ as the Smart Assistant
    • Cloud-centric
    • Not Device-centric
  • Lack of Ai Chip announcement from Apple
  • Shift of cloud to personal cloud
  • DEVONthink Pro Office and Dropbox sync between all devices, including iOS and macOS

Apps and Services

The apps and services listed here are the ones that I actually use in developing and maintaining the website and podcast. If you see it listed here, I love it. I don’t keep using any app or service I don’t love. Every app and every service has limitations—some more annoying or frustrating than others. But if it’s on this list, you can be sure that on the whole, I love it.