WitGlass Unfiltered - Episode 30


#30: Civilized Discourse, Dignity, and Confronting Lies

In this episode, I offer some thoughts on civilized discourse in the current United States. Some accuse Trump of causing this, but the civilized discourse problem existed in the U.S. long before Trump became president. I discuss the importance of treating others with dignity, and when it’s acceptable to utilize ridicule and certain “name-calling.” And I end the episode with Star Trek: The Next Generation reference.

Topics Discussed

  • 4:00 - Lex Land is coming!
  • 8:00 - The best version of ourselves
  • 11:00 - Civilized Discourse
    • 11:00 - The Age of Trump doesn’t exist
    • 12:00 - The Civilized Discourse problem began long before President Trump
    • 13:00 - Most politicians in our day are insincere and worthy of ridicule
    • 15:00 - There are exceptions
    • 16:00 - Behaving with dignity and treating others with dignity
    • 18:00 - Some insults are acceptable, particularly when calling out the hypocrites and the leaders who lead other astray
    • 20:00 - Donald Trump does enough terrible things that we don’t need to make stuff up, and too many journalists and politicians reduce their credibility by making somethings out of nothings
    • 21:00 - Reza Aslan
    • 22:00 - Star Trek: “Lies must be challenged”

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