WitGlass Unfiltered - Episode 31


#31: The Perfect Education System Doesn’t Exist

In a previous episode, I discussed the concept of perfect social systems, making the point that they don’t exist. In this episode, I take that idea further and apply the principles related to social systems generally to education systems specifically. Toward the end of the episode, I also briefly discuss school vouchers.

Topics Discussed

  • Previous WitGlass Unfiltered episode on social systems: Episode 24: “Memorial Day Musings and the Problem with Systems”
  • Today’s Coffee Conversation
    • Jura Impressa C60
    • Keurig 1.0
  • Education
    • No such thing as a perfect system
    • The closest thing to a perfect system
    • Government is never the best proprietor of an education system
    • School vouchers
    • Education system is never agnostic

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