WitGlass Unfiltered #42: CNN, Trump, WWE, Reddit, and Bullies

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#42: CNN, Trump, WWE, Reddit, and Bullies

In this episode, I discuss all the recent hubbub about the Trump CNN WWE Meme, including CNN’s bad choice to take it seriously, bullying bullies, and the sad state of bullying tactics on Twitter.

Topics Discussed

  • 6:00 - Today’s Coffee Talk
    • Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug
    • Why I spend time trying different coffee beans
    • How uncrafty I am with woodworking
    • Coffee and tea time helps us remember that we aren’t in control
  • 18:00 - Twitter, Politics, Civilized Discourse, and Donald Trump
    • 19:00 - CNN Trump WWE Meme
    • 21:00 - CNN could have laughed it off
    • 23:00 - CNN hunts down the meme creator
    • 28:00 - Trump bullies the bullies, not the little guys
    • 31:00 - Typical Twitter discourse is making fun of others
    • 35:00 - Bad week for CNN

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