WitGlass Unfiltered #40: iOS 11, Encryption, and the Internet of Things

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#40: iOS 11, Encryption, and the Internet of Things

This episode covers several topics related to Apple and Security, including new iMessage features, Apple’s end-to-end encryption claims, tech security, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Topics Discussed

  • 40th Episode Retrospective
  • 6:00 - Today’s Coffee Talk
    • A Visit with a Friend
    • Publix Brand French Roast
    • Coffee Without Cream
  • 11:00 - Technology Smorgasbord
    • 12:00 - iOS 11
      • iMessage in the Browser
      • End-to-end Encryption in the Browser
      • DEVONthink Encryption
    • 24:00 - Tech Roundtable with Trump
    • 26:00 - Private Agencies with Higher Computer Security than Government
    • 28:00 - Google No Longer Scanning Emails

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