WitGlass Unfiltered #77: More iPhone X and Apple Chipset Thoughts

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#77: More iPhone X and Apple Chipset Thoughts

Apple hosted a big event on Tuesday. Have I mentioned that? I offered some initial, visceral responses to the event and the devices it announced. In this episode, I continue the discussion, adding more measured responses to the visceral ones already offered. I discuss the top-notch on the face of the iPhone X, the advanced power of the new A11 Bionic chipset, and John Gruber’s thoughtful piece on Apple’s iPhone event.

Topics Discussed

  • 1:00 - Today’s Coffee Talk
    • Trader Joe’s Lys Kaffe Light Roast Coffee
    • French Press
    • Hot Water
    • Steep times
    • Over-roasting
  • 13:00 - Today’s Topic

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